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I used this for over 20 years until 2 years ago when they added all this junk to it and made my scalp greasy and scale up.I called them and asked why, they said "market demand".

So, I asked "If it is sold in the original formula in the UK including Australia" why not here? I bought a case from an online beauty store, but only have 4 left.. You can find it also at the different UK webstores but the shipping may disuade you.

It was just good shampoo that cleaned all the grease and products out without stripping.What a shame!

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I, also used the Original Aussie for over 20 years.In the 80's, It was the best.

still Ok when Walmart started welling it, but it is does not work now.I have not yet found a shampoo I like as well as the Aussie, I used in the early eighties.


I agree with the other posts, however, I have used Aussie Mega for over 25 years, the original formula.It worked wonderfully and left my hair clean and smelling good.

The new formulations don't have any for "normal hair" and they caused my scalp to have blister type break out. I changed to another shampoo and then went back to the Aussie for just 2 or 3 shampoos and the break out came back.

I wish there were someplace where I could purchase some of the original - at the reasonable prices they used to have!:( :cry


The original Aussie Mega Shampoo was the absolute best.By original, I mean the stuff they used to sell 10 years ago.

It had a wonderful delicate fragrance and good price, too.

The new stuff stinks and now I hear it has unhealthy ingredients as well.Maybe they will go back to the original formulation now.


Some nut jobs thought it was toxic and changed it. Some people think everything is bad, they are just paranoid. I used to like Aussie Mega as well.

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Too bad for you!

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